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Auto Kari Fishcer Titration Apparatus

Auto Kari Fishcer Titration Apparatus
  • Usage/Application: Industrial Use
  • Accuracy: 10 PRM per 25 gm
  • Brand: Kerone
  • Display type: LED display
  • Electrode: Twin platinum
  • Stirrer material: Teflon coated

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Auto Kari Fishcer Titration Apparatus and our product is made up of good quality.

Auto Kari Fischer Titration Apparatus offered is used for providing an accurate determination of moisture in different samples. 

Here, the instrument is constructed using mild steel cabinet that is powder coated and comes with a built magnetic stirrer and attached titration so as to ensure optimum operation standards are maintained. 

Further, the mounting of the controls on front panel also makes it easy to be operated. 

The system finds usage in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, oils as well as many other industry sectors having quality control and R&D Laboratories setups. 

Its technical specifications include We are leading manufacturer and exporter of  and our product is made up of good quality., accuracy of 10 PRM - 25 gm of sample, twin platinum electrode, use of specially designed moisture tight reaction vessel for small quantity sample titration, motorized Teflon coated magnetic stirrer and special DBK design with no tedious solenoid valve setting. 

Further, the system also has display comprising 10 segments, LED bar display to indicate the level of titration, the end point in form of audio and visual alarm.

Tablets Disintegration Test Apparatus

Tablets Disintegration Test Apparatus
  • Heat Control : Electronic heat control
  • Dimension : 250W*270D*400H mm
  • Weight: 11 Kg approx
  • Brand : Kerone
  • Timer : 00.01 to 99.59 Hr.
  • Display : Digital 12 mm. Red LED for time

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Tablets Disintegration Test Apparatus and our product is made up of good quality.

Tablets Disintegration Test Apparatus offered is a microprocessor-based instrument that is designed for use in pharmaceutical industry so as to determine accurate determination time of tablets & capsules as per IP/BP/USP standards. 

With these tests conducted by quality control and R&D department, the apparatus comprises two hot plates that are provided for maintaining the temperature of liquid media (100 ml beaker). 

Other than this, solid state regular heat is also provided for controlling temperature of hot plates with possibilities of two batches of six tablets tested simultaneously. 

These provide constant speeds of 30 RPM motor drive with the option of a single bar, smooth up & down lifts for two baskets. 
With the machine allowing the stroke to be adjusted as per the given specifications, these also feature unique loading & unloading mechanism that makes them user-friendly with digital pre-set timer 99.59 hr used for setting integration time and to switch off the motor. 

The presence of nonvolatile memory of microprocessor also helps in recalling last operation and complete test in case of power failure in between the process.


No.of BasketDouble Basket (2*6 test) stroke; 50 mm approx. 30 stroke/mm
TimerMicroprocessor base preset timer 00.01 to 99.59 Hr. With alarm
DisplayDigital 12 mm. Red LED for time
Heat ControlContinuously variable electronic heat control
Dimension250W*270D*400mm H
Weight11 Kg approx 

Bulk Desensity Apparatus

Bulk Desensity Apparatus
  • Usage/Application: industrial
  • Capacity: 50 ml* 2
  • Drops: 1 to 9999
  • Display comprising Digital: 12 mm
  • Height: 25 mm
  • Brand: Kerone

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Bulk Density Apparatus and our product is made up of good quality.

Bulk Density Apparatus
 offered are developed to study packing down of powder beds of different pharmaceuticals as well as chemical powders. 

With the equipment being microprocessor based, it provides the highest accuracy in the results achieved.

With the test is an essential requirement for quality control in manufacturing tablets, capsule filling, and cosmetic manufacturing, it allows an exact number of strokes to set up by a four-digit microprocessor based pre-set counter with common lock cushioned holder for both cylinders drops down smoothly from height and holding the cylinders. 

Her, the last mode of operation is performed when power is resumed and the test is completed in case of power failure in between the process. 

It comes with the cylinder capacity of 50 ml* 2 nos with no of drops adjustable between 1 to 9999 drops.

Further, it has display comprising Digital 12 mm Red LED Drop and height of 25 mm approx.
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