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Radio Frequency Heating

Batch Dryer

Batch Dryer

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Batch Dryer and our product is made up of good quality.

Batch Dryer solutions offered provides benefits of preferential heating where it selectively dries products at wettest sections of the web. 

Further, it also allows product output to be uniform in moisture content throughout, regardless of non-uniformity going in. 
The other benefit includes increasing production throughput where it provides instant ON/OFF control. 

Further, it also minimizes drying time as rapid volumetric heating helps in eliminating long dwell time which is needed for conventional heating, thus minimizing the quantity of product in drying cycle as well as in reducing changeover time. 

These dryers also help in eliminating the need for accumulation rollers and helps in saving space by generally requiring one-fifth of floor space needed for hot-air and IR dryers.
With energy applied by radio waves is at frequency of 40.68 MHz, the volumetric heating also helps in keeping temperatures low as well as uniform throughout web so as to prevent overheating.

Fish Dryer

Fish Dryer
  • Fish Dryer
  • Fish Dryer
  • Fish Dryer

Drying can keep fish's original nutrition, dried fish is a completely natural product that retains the protein, antioxidant and omega-3 fatty acids benefits of the fresh fish, which helps to reduce the occurrence of heart attacks and keeps the body's circulation functioning well. And fish dehydration inhibits microbial growth and slows enzymatic process which is responsible for fish spoilage, and dehydrating produces a concentrated form of fish. All these resulting in long-time storage and convenient transportation.

Elephant Grass Dryer

Elephant Grass Dryer

Pasture dryer is applied for drying grass, forage, alfalfa, Napier grass, elephant grass (including materials like energy grass, herbage, Lucerne, purple medic, Medicago falcata, etc.) according to the characteristic, production capability, applying requirement, cost management, operating convenience of each biomass material, our company optimizes the drying technology.

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Online Radio Frequency (RF) Dryer

Online Radio Frequency (RF) Dryer

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Online Radio Frequency (RF) Dryer and our product is made up of good quality.

Online Radio Frequency (RF) Dryer
 offered is a conventional mode of drying textiles after these have been dyed in the slow process. 

Here, textile industries can bring an increase in throughput as well as fill orders more prominently through use of Radio Frequency (RF) Dryers. 

These RF systems have in them capability to accelerate drying process as well as also shorten production time. 

Further, this RF drying system also offers High speed, High quality and High Volume drying that is the need of textile industries. 

The process involves passing wet garments of Acrylic, Cotton, Nylon, and Polyester make to pass through a drying chamber where radio waves vibrate contained water molecules million times per second, thus vaporizing them. 

Here, ventilator fans are used for removing damp air from Drying Chamber. 

For delivering efficient performance, the dryer system comprises 125kW industrial high-frequency generator in conjunction with drying chamber which incorporates electrode applicator as well as air extraction system. 

This makes the system suitable for drying most types of fibers that have prior mechanical moisture extraction in cone, muff, bump or loose stock form.

Radio Frequency Dryer

Radio Frequency Dryer

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Radio Frequency Dryer and our product is made up of good quality.

Radio Frequency Dryer
 offered allows achieving faster as well as more consistent drying that is a common goal for today's manufacturers. 

Here, the use of Radio Frequency (RF) drying technique offers many benefits over conventional drying that include faster line speeds, consistent moisture levels, lower drying temperature and others. 

As RF Dryer works much like a microwave oven, it helps in creating high-frequency vibrations of water molecules that in turn selectively heats materials which contain water while other materials heat very little. 

The key procedure for effective application of RF energy for drying involves right applicator or electrode design.

KERONE electrode design was developed for thin materials where the design helps in creating an electric field between alternating parallel rods which provides higher voltage gradient on the web so as to achieve for faster heating. 

Further, a variation on this electrode design for thicker webs is a staggered KERONE design that allows more uniform heating of thicker webs, thus finding usage for thin beds of ceramic powders. 

As general practice, materials that are under 1/4" thickness use KERONE design, materials 1/4 " - 1/2" make use of staggered KERONE design and materials that are over 1/2" make use of parallel plate design.
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