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Muffle Furnace

Industrial Ovens And Furnaces

Kerone' is known for delivering both quality and performance in its products that comprise both standard and customer specific electrical tubular heaters, electric tubular heaters, electric infrared heaters so as to meet the operational demands of industrial and domestic usage as per defined national and international standards

Muffle Furnace

Muffle Furnace

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Muffle Furnace and our product is made up of good quality.

Muffle Furnace solutions offered feature outer casing made of double walled thick PCRC sheet with the space between outer and inner surfaces filled with lightweight ceramic wool insulation. 

For superior performance, the heating elements are made up of kanthal A-1 wires that are protected by high-temperature cerwool insulation. 

With the system temperature controlled by energy regulator fitted in front of the furnace with two pilot lamps, some of the other parts that are part of the equipment include a silver thermal fuse, main lead with power plug, pyrometer, thermometer, and others. 


100mm*100mm*225mm (1.5kw),
125mm*125mm*250mm (2.0kw),
150mm*150mm*300mm (3.0kw),
125mm*175mm*475mm (4.0kw),
175mm*175mm*475mm (4.5kw),
200mm*200mm*300mm (5.0kw).

Heating Mantles

Heating Mantles
  • Heating Mantles
  • Heating Mantles

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Heating Mantles and our product is made up of good quality.

Heating Mantles offered are designed to heat flask that contains samples which comprise organic liquids that can burst into flames on contact with direct flames as well as heat/release flammable vapors that are heavier than air and have the possibility to explode on contact with open flame or heating coils. 

These heating mantles feature the use of enclosed heating space so as to minimize such threats. 

Further, these are made available in fabric/rigid construction. 

Here, the presence of fabric mantles allows desired flexibility to accommodate the range of sample flasks that have different shapes and sizes. 

Further, the rigid mantle on other hand feature size that is large enough to be filled with sand for accommodating flasks of different sizes. 

Here, the sand also provides for uniform heating of samples. 

Here, the Heating Mantles offered are available in different configurations including as one unit comprising mantle and integral controller device or as two separate units including mantle and controlling device that are sold together.


No.of BasketDouble Basket (2*6 test) stroke; 50 mm approx. 30 stroke/mm
TimerMicroprocessor base preset timer 00.01 to 99.59 Hr. With alarm
DisplayDigital 12 mm. Red LED for time
Heat ControlContinuously variable electronic heat control
Dimension250W*270D*400mm H
Weight11 Kg approx

Hot Plates

Hot Plates
  • Hot Plates
  • Hot Plates

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Hot Plates and our product is made up of good quality.

Hot Plates offered are designed for applications involving drying in laboratories. 

Here, the top plate is either rectangular/circular in shape and is made of cast iron and comes fitted with mild steel painted base.

Further, the heavy duty cast iron top is ceramic insulated with heat resistant paint with outer body featuring M.S. sheet duly powder coated finish so as to provide optimum functioning. 

These hot plates require 220/230 volt A.C. to function that provides for good continuous heating up to 350°C. 

Here, thermostat, energy regulator or 3 heat switch is used for controlling the heat with heater made of high-grade resistance wire and coming insulated with ceramic material with a maximum surface temperature of 350°C.


Size RatingRound in shape
25*40cns 1.2 k.w20 CMS Dia 1.0 K.W
30*45 cms 2.0 k.w22.5 cms Dia 1.2 K.W
45*60 cms 3.0 k.w30. cms Dia 1.5 k.w"

Induction Heating Crucible Furnace

Induction Heating Crucible Furnace

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Induction Heating Crucible Furnace and our product is made up of good quality.

LPG Fired Incinerator

LPG Fired Incinerator

Approx. Rs 10,000 / Piece

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of LPG Fired Incinerator and our product is made up of good quality.
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